Trondheim, Norway, 21.01.2019. RESMAN AS and Tracerco, a subsidiary of Johnson Matthey Plc, have entered into a global patent licence agreement under which Tracerco will have the right to conduct commercial business based on RESMAN’s industry-leading inflow monitoring patent portfolio. The agreement follows a mutually agreed decision for the two companies to discontinue litigation.

Under the rights of the patents, both RESMAN and Tracerco will provide essential well and reservoir monitoring services, enabling oil and gas companies to optimize oil production and support decisions for targeted well intervention to ensure operational efficiency.

Gunnar Hviding, RESMAN CEO, said: “We are pleased to enter into this licence agreement with Tracerco and see this as a confirmation of the value related to the R&D work RESMAN is performing. RESMAN will continue to invest heavily in R&D, improved processes and products to offer our customer increased value of data in the future.


Headquartered in Trondheim, RESMAN AS was established in 2005. RESMAN’s chemical tracer and wireless technologies enable operators to monitor their wells for up to 10 years without the risks and costs of intervention. Through innovative chemical tracers at parts-per-trillion concentrations, it is possible to add a zonal resolution to the well production data, providing operators with zone-specific well production data and production trends for use in continuous production optimization and well performance evaluation.  


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RESMAN AS (“RESMAN”) (, the world’s leading provider of wireless reservoir surveillance has successfully defended its European Patent EP 2 633 152 (“the Patent”) in opposition proceedings in the European Patent Office (“EPO”). The Patent covers RESMAN’s method for estimating influx profiles in hydrocarbon reservoirs using tracers.

The opposition brought by an industry entity was rejected by the EPO on all points and secured RESMAN’s exclusive rights under the patented method. 
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After the hearing at the EPO, Thomas Sperle, RESMAN’s Chief Technology Officer said that: “We are delighted at the outcome. RESMAN invests a significant amount of it’s revenues in R&D to improve the value for our customers in the data we provide in relation to wireless reservoir monitoring. The decision of the EPO in relation to the Patent is further recognition of the pioneering and innovative R&D work undertaken by RESMAN for the benefit of its customers in the oil and gas industry”.