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Water Breakthrough Monitoring

RESMAN Intelligent Tracer® technology can be used to identify the location of water breakthrough without the risk and cost of well intervention.

RESMAN water-sensitive systems enable the operator to identify which zone has experienced water breakthrough. This is accomplished by analyzing samples of produced water after a change in water production and by comparing them to the tracer concentrations in samples taken before the change in water production.

RESMAN water-sensitive systems are dormant while in contact with oil and only release their chemical signature after contact with water.

  • Therefore, while dormant, they will last the lifetime of the well.
  • While in continuous contact with water, they release their chemical signature for up to two years. This is a completely adequate amount of time to collect samples and determine the source of the water production.

The solution can also be used in subsea environments without adding risk to the project, including in long production tie backs and high rates of commingled flow from several producers.

Refer to Case Study 1  to see how an operator used RESMAN to detect the location of water breakthrough in a complex subsea field and improved the management of the field-wide water flood program.


In the case of wells with flow control valves or sliding sleeves, the systems can be used:

  • To identify the zone producing water without having to cycle the valves and test each interval for water production.
  • To confirm that the flow control valve operated properly and provided the required zonal isolation, shutting off water production from the affected interval.

Click here  to see how RESMAN Intelligent Tracers are being used in conjunction with Trican’s open/close ICD completions* to understand production changes over time and act to shut water production with confidence.

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