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Intelligent Tracer® Technology

RESMAN Intelligent Tracer® technology accurately quantifies zonal inflow contribution and detects the location of water breakthrough.

RESMAN Intelligent Tracer® technology can be formed into a variety of shapes to allow it to be integrated into a wide range of completion designs (Fig. 1).

The Intelligent Tracer® systems are either oil sensitive or water sensitive and are designed to remain dormant until contacted by the target fluid. That is, the oil-sensitive systems remain dormant when in contact with water and the water-sensitive systems remain dormant when in contact with oil. Both systems are dormant in air.

When contacted by the target fluid, tracer molecules are released in very small quantities (Fig. 2). This release is independent of flow conditions and happens at a lab-designed rate.

RESMAN chemists have developed more than 80 uniquely identifiable chemical signatures for oil (RES•OIL) and another 80 for water (RES•H2O). It is important to note that these chemical signatures are unique in nature and cannot be found in any commercially available chemical library. This eliminates the possibility of mistaking RESMAN’s chemical signatures for various other chemicals found in production operations.

The Intelligent Tracers are strategically integrated with the completion equipment to monitor segments of the reservoir interval. Depending on the surveillance objectives, sections of the well or individual reservoir compartments are assigned with a separate and identifiable chemical signature for oil and/or water.

After well installation, the oil flows from the reservoir, contacts the RES•OIL systems, and the chemical signature is released into the oil, thereby marking it with a unique identification. Production from each reservoir compartment transports the tracer signatures to the surface (Fig. 3), where production fluid samples are collected. The same process applies to the RES•H2O systems.


RESMAN analyzes the samples and a dedicated team of experts models the results using proprietary software and inflow models that have been empirically verified in full-scale, flow-loop testing.

A tracer production log is obtained with each survey, enabling clients to gather important reservoir inflow information on demand with an interventionless solution: the Chemical PLT®.

For field data examples, see the RESMAN case studies and papers  section.