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Intelligent Tracer® Technology

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Up to 10 years of continuous reservoir monitoring without the risk and cost of well intervention.

Since its inception in 2005 by Statoil Technology Invest, RESMAN has maintained exclusive focus on in-well inflow monitoring with Intelligent Tracer® technology. 

Unique capabilities include:

  • Proven system life:
    Life capabilities are proven by historical field sample analysis and are continuously verified by rigorous laboratory qualification testing of every produced system.

  • In-house designed molecules:
    RESMAN designs in-house each of our 160 unique Intelligent Tracer® signatures, so they cannot be mistaken for any other chemicals found in production operations.

  • Accurate inflow models:
    Developed in-house, our accurate inflow models have been verified in full-scale, flow-loop testing, confirmed by direct measurements of downhole smart valves, and proven in wells with complex completion designs and up to 16 miles of production tie back. 

  • Superior expertise in complex well environments:
    Over 70% of RESMAN’s track record is in offshore and subsea fields. The company’s expertise was built by designing and managing the implementation of Intelligent Tracers for the most complex and challenging well completions in the oil and gas industry.


  • Risk-free:
    No cables, no connections, no intervention, and no major changes to completion design.

  • Long-term:
    RESMAN oil Intelligent Tracers (RES•OIL) can achieve up to 10 years of life. The water Intelligent Tracers (RES•H2O) can have longer life-spans because they are dormant until activated by contact with water.

  • Cost-efficient:
    No additional rig time, no expensive completion hardware, and no extra personnel required at the well site.

  • HSE-friendly:
    RESMAN chemicals are used in extremely low concentrations (down to parts per trillion) and are compatible for water discharge. No radiation is used.

  • Robust:
    Systems are resistant to harsh downhole conditions and high pressures.