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The Industry Challenge – Acquiring Reservoir Surveillance Information

Because reservoir surveillance with permanent wired sensors or via production logging is often too risky, cost-prohibitive, or technically unfeasible, operators are forced to make reservoir management assumptions that may not reflect actual well conditions. As a result, the oil recovery potential from many projects is not maximized and the operating expenditures are not fully optimized.


RESMAN’s Chemical PLT® solution provides years of continuous production profiling without the risk and the cost associated with wired reservoir sensors or production logging.

Advantages of the Chemical PLT® include:

  • It is highly accurate:
    the Chemical PLT® uses our Intelligent Tracer® technology and accurate inflow models that have been developed in-house, verified in full-scale, flow-loop testing, and proven in wells with complex completion designs and long production tie backs.
  • It is risk-free:
    unlike production logs, no well intervention is required, thereby eliminating the risk to people, environment, and equipment. In addition, the solution uses chemicals in extremely low concentrations (down to parts per trillion) and is compatible for water discharge. There is no radiation.
  • It is cost-effective:
    unlike production logs, the solution is not limited to a one-time report: the Chemical PLT® can be periodically used for up to 10 years to quantify zonal inflow contribution and potentially for the life of the well to detect the location of water breakthrough. Additionally, there is no additional rig time, no expensive completion hardware is needed, and no extra personnel are required at the well site for installation.
  • It is robust and reliable:
    the Chemical PLT® is compatible for use in harsh downhole conditions and high pressures. It has field-proven reliability, demonstrated by hundreds of successful installation in the most challenging and complex completion environments (e.g.: subsea and long horizontal wells).

Want to learn more or evaluate if your project could benefit from RESMAN’s Chemical PLT® solution? Contact us via email or directly at one of our regional offices.

Chemical PLT video.