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Data Analysis and Interpretation

RESMAN has a dedicated team of Tracer Surveillance Analysts who are assigned to specific projects and work closely with the operators from system design, data interpretation review, action planning, and recurring analysis campaigns for the life of the Intelligent Tracer® systems.


RESMAN recognizes the importance of extracting value from the data throughout the life of the monitoring systems. Accordingly, the company has a dedicated team of Tracer Survey Analysts composed of reservoir, chemical and completion engineers.

This team has extensive experience in inflow profiling with Intelligent Tracers and developed proprietary analytical models to provide quantitative inflow distribution results.


Through the Faster And Better Interpretation Project (FBI), analytical models and software have been developed in-house to interpret transient intelligent tracer concentration behavior to provide quantitative inflow contribution.

In addition, the RESMAN proprietary models for inflow quantification have been verified in a full-scale flow-loop test at the Institute for Energy Technology (IFE) facilities near Oslo, Norway. The results of this test demonstrated that RESMAN’s analytical model can predict flow within 5% accuracy.

The project is a JIP with industry partners Statoil and Eni, and support from Innovation Norway.

RESMAN’s interpretation methods for quantification of flow have been formally qualified in the Statoil professional ladder, a milestone in industry acceptance for this unique offering. The signals and models are robust, providing the operators with insight in quantified flow from zones in the wells also for long tie-backs in multilateral subsea wells.