RESMAN Winner – Globetrotter of the year at the 2018 Gullkronen Awards!

RESMAN were honored in winning the Rystad Energy ‘Globetrotter of the year’ during the 2018 Gullkronen (Gold Crown) awards on Feb.1, 2018. Accepting the award is RESMAN CEO, Torger Skillingstad.

Werner Karlsson, NORWEP; Torgar Skillingstad, RESMAN; Gitte Bromander, Rystad Energy

Jury’s reasoning:

The recent downturn has been tough on most oil service companies set to expand their business abroad. However, brilliant products and hard work have allowed some globetrotters to both maintain and strengthen their position outside Norway.

The nominees have all shown persistence and strong performance in impressive ways, following very different strategies. And they are well positioned for continued success.

The Globetrotter of the year: Has a history of strong and profitable growth. They Systematically developed and strengthened it’s geographic footprint, creating alliances and corporate agreements, setting the organization up for further growth in the years to come. Most importantly – The Globetrotter of the year has helped operators in more than 30 countries understand their reservoirs, and to produce less of what the petroleum industry produces the most of – water!

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RESMAN nominated by Rystad Energy for Gullkronen 2018 - Globetrotter of the Year!