RESMAN AS Issues Patent Infringement Proceedings Against Tracerco

RESMAN AS (“Resman”) (, the world’s leading provider of wireless reservoir surveillance, has issued proceedings against Tracerco Limited (“Tracerco”) ( in the Patents Court in London for patent infringement.

Resman believes that Tracerco has infringed its European Patent (UK) 1277051 B1 (the “’051 Patent”) by using or offering technology which infringes the ’051 Patent in the United Kingdom’s territorial waters.

Resman has permitted Tracerco to carry out wireless reservoir monitoring activities in the Norwegian zone of the North Sea pursuant to a licence agreement with Resman in respect of Resman’s Norwegian Patent NO 309884.   However that licence is limited to Norway only, and there is no licence agreement in place between Resman and Tracerco in respect of the ’051 Patent or any of Resman’s other international patent rights for its hydrocarbon reservoir monitoring technology.

As Tracerco has declined to enter into any meaningful discussions to resolve this matter, Resman issued proceedings against Tracerco in the Patents Court in London on 14 November 2017. Tracerco has yet to file a defence to Resman’s proceedings.

The relief sought by Resman against Tracerco includes an injunction to prevent the further infringement of the Patent, monetary compensation and costs. It is unlikely that the trial of the action will take place before late 2018.

Resman will not be commenting further until the Patents Court has made a determination or the matter is otherwise resolved.